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Hi! I'm new here!

Hi! My name is Lauren! I just joined this community. I joined because I LOVE ADJL! My fave char is Rose and my fave couple is Rose/Jake. The reason Rose is my fave char is because I can honestly identify with her. I know what it’s like to live with someone who never loved me and what it feels like to take care of yourself at a young age. The other reason I LOVE Rose is she is voiced by my fave va of all time, Mae Whitman! I even wrote an essay, saying how Mae Whitman has inspired my life. I gave it to a writer on ADJL and he gave it to Mae! Mae loved it! I’m glad I was able to make her smile. I enjoy doing nice things for people.

My Fave Episodes are: Old School Training, Legend of Dragon Tooth, The Academy, Breakout, Dreamscape, Love Cruise, Homecoming, Act 4, Scene Fifteen, The Egg, Ski Trip, The hunted, Hong Kong Longs, Body Guard Duty, Dragon Breath, Professor Rotwood’s Thesis and Family Business.
I hope to hear from everyone soon!
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